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Thursday 14th of December 2017

Nuclear Sclerosis

General information on Nuclear Sclerosis

Nuclear sclerosis is a condition in which there is a bluish haze seen on the lens behind the cornea and the lens becomes denser and harder. The haze is caused by fibers that continuously form on the lens throughout the catís life that move toward the center of the lens combined with a natural loss of water on the lens that occurs with age. Nuclear sclerosis can appear to be similar to cataracts, but does not interfere with the affected catís vision. In most cases of nuclear sclerosis, the condition does not develop until the affected cat reaches eight years of age and worsens as the cat ages. Typically nuclear sclerosis does not require any treatment.

Symptoms of Nuclear Sclerosis

Some of the symptoms of nuclear sclerosis may be: pupils appear to have a bluish haze over them and relatively normal vision (unlike in cataracts). Vision changes may occur as the affected cat advances into old age.

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Treatments for Nuclear Sclerosis

Treatment for nuclear sclerosis is not necessary due to the fact that the condition does not have an affect on the catís vision until they have reached a very old age. It is important to distinguish between nuclear sclerosis and cataracts so that the affected cat does not undergo unnecessary surgery.

Personal Experience

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